Two Tone Sea Green Chalcedony & Iolite Drop Necklace

Long and lovely 25" gunmetal plated Solid .925 Sterling Silver necklace with faceted Sea Green Chalcedony and Iolite gemstones. The oval Iolite is 3mm x 5mm and the faceted Sea Green Chalcedony is 13.5mm x 21mm. The gemstones have 14 karat Rose Gold plated Solid .925 Sterling Silver edging. This necklace has a lobster clasp closure.

Iolite, in olden days was called water sapphire or Vikings Compass, as the Vikings used it by cutting the iolite into thin sheets and looking through it could then determine the exact location of the sun. The color can vary depending on how the stone is cut, but is typically a violet shade.

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica composed of two minerals, quartz and moganite and has been used for ages to craft jewelry and is prized for its beautiful waxy luster and variety of colors.

Comes in a lovely box suitable for gifting. We also sell the matching earrings.

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