Modern TriColor Baltic Amber Ring - Size 8

Gorgeous color to these genuine TriColor Baltic Amber stones set in a modern Solid .925 Sterling Silver. Ring is size 8.

Nice ring to add to your collection of 44 million year old Baltic Amber, sometimes referred to incorrectly as tree sap, when it is actually tree resin. Not the same thing at all.  Amber is relatively soft (5 to 5.5 on hardness scale), susceptible to heat and chemicals.  Even some of the minerals in dust - like silica with a hardness of 6 -  can be harder than amber and may scratch it if rubbed off.  To care for your amber, just rinse it with water and wipe it with soft flannel. You can add olive oil to it and polish again with a clean flannel cloth to remove the excess oil. Always remove your ring before showering, washing dishes, etc.  


Category: Amber, Jewelry, Ring, Under $50

Type: Ring

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