Silver Spiny Oyster Shell Modern Pendant


Lovely pendant of a Spiny Oyster Shell set in Solid .925 Sterling Silver.  Would look nice on any chains or collars - and would go with a wide range of fall colored clothing.

Spiny Oysters (or Spondylus as they are called) is a genus of bi-valve molluscs, but is not a true oyster. They do have some attributes of an oyster such as the two-part hinged shells. They are found mostly in warm waters from Baja California or the Sea of Cortez. Their main colors are in the range of reds, oranges and purples - and are not dyed and don't have to be enhanced by jewelers.  Their beautiful range of colors come from their diet of various kinds of seaweed and plankton.

Category: Jewelry, Pendant, Spiny Oyster

Type: Pendant

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