Polki Diamond Post Earrings

Polki diamonds are "uncut" diamonds shaped and polished by updating an ancient India method where minor cuts and polishes follow the shape of the stone rather than making a flat table and cutting facets to reflect the light, like typical diamonds. Nowadays those minor cuts are done by laser.  Each stone is unique, so there are no manufactured settings and each setting has to be handmade.

These post earrings consists of Solid .925 Sterling Silver bathed in 14 karat gold round design with a Polki Diamond.  The earrings have a total of two 3mm fancy cut Polki Diamonds and total .10 ctw.

If you are looking for a unique gift and want to give diamonds without the huge price tag, these would make a wonderful gift at anytime of the year, but especially for those born the month of April. 

We also have drop earrings and a matching necklace and ring.

Category: April, Diamond, Earrings, Jewelry

Type: Earrings

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