Opalite Necklace & Earring Set

Opalite is many times mistaken for either Moonstone or colored opals. Although there is a natural opalite, this man-made version is sometimes used as a “stimulant” in the creation of man-made opals. Opalite is one of the most interesting material- made from a fusion of metal and glass that results in a glowing luminescence, especially when worn with dark colors. Against dark colors it glows bluish, against whiter colors it has an amber glow.

But it’s the lovely blue that really attracts comments! Paired with the Opalite and Azurite Chrysocolla earrings this beautiful set will definitely catch people’s eye. Because it is so mesmerizing, it has been reported to be excellent for use in meditation and improves spiritual communication.

 Includes one 18-inch round opalite necklace and handmade drop 0.925 silver earrings.

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