Oasis Sunburst Turquoise & Coral Pendant

Coral, because of its intense permanent vibrant coloration, has been used since antiquity in jewelry. At the beginning of the 1st millennium, there was significant trade between the Mediterranean cities (corals first recorded use as jewelry) and India, whereas Turquoise gets its name from the "Turks" where it was first brought to Europe from a desert province in Persia.  

Now these two - water and desert - meet in this sunburst oasis Pendant of Coral and reconstituted Turquoise set in oxidized Solid .925 Sterling Silver.

The turquoise center is 18mm and each coral is about 5 by 6 mm in size. The pendant hangs about 2 inches including the bail. Look for our matching bracelet and ring.

This would make a lovely gift anytime, plus Turquoise is one of the birthstones for December.

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