Turquoise, Citrine and Coral Earrings

Gold tone fashion dangle earrings with Reconstituted Turquoise, Citrine and Coral beads. Earrings measure almost 2 inches in length. Very nice length to these lightweight dangly earrings.

 Comes packaged in a small gift box. These earrings contain two months birthstones (November with Citrine and December with the turquoise).

Turqoise has long been associated with the southwest Native Americans who have created magnificent turquoise jewelry for thousands of years.  The stones were used by the medicine men to work charms, with the blue representing the heavens and green symbolizing the earth.  Apache lore was that turquoise attached to bows would make the shots more accurate. Although often associated with Native Amerians, turquoise is one of the earliest known stones to be used in jewelry. A tomb excavated in 1900 uncovered four magnificent turquoise bracelets on the mummified remains of Queen Zer, who ruled in 5500 B.C.

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