Ancient Scroll Amethyst Ring - Size 6.5 Adjustable

Nice ancient historical look to this Solid Sterling Silver ring set with faceted Amethyst gemstones. Ring is size 6.5 but highly adjustable. Amethysts are the birthstone for those born in February and under the sign of Pisces.

Early Egyptians believed the Amethyst possessed good powers, and were placed in the tombs of pharaohs. It’s said that the signet ring worn by Cleopatra was an amethyst, engraved with the figure of Mithras, a Persian deity symbolizing the Divine Idea, Source of Light and Life.

 Amethysts are a variety of quartz, with a hardness of 7, making it a fairly sturdy stone. Still, to protect the stone and your sterling, remove your ring before washing dishes or using harsh cleaners.

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